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Project Pictures


This is some of the best work we’ve done so far, and we’re happy to do the same for you. We’re committed to fostering beneficial and long lasting relationships with our clients by always striving to be the best hydroseeding service we can.


These are highlights of our personalized solutions for our client's land erosion issues. With our personalized, professional services, we will make adjustments to accommodate each client's unique needs. Nothing is too much for us to handle, or too small to push aside.


In these pictures, land is being cleared and prepped for our clients.

Nothing matters more than our clients, and when they hire us for the second, or third time, we know we’re doing something right. 


This is a great example of the kind of service our clients have come to expect from Kiefer Land Services. They know they can rely on our professional service with attention to detail.


While the particular needs of our clients may vary, our experienced team never fails to get the job done right.

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